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Your hotel deserves our premier training services.

English OK offers customized Hotel English training programs, books and e-learning solutions to maximize learning results.

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Highlights of What We Offer

From nation-wide hotel chains to exclusive five-star properties and Michelin-rated restaurants, English OK! offers the premier customer service English training programs in Japan.

Workshops are available across Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaido.

With our continued dedication to customer service and constant upgrading of products and services, English OK is the Hotel English Specialist of Japan.

Our exclusive clients choose us because we offer:

  1. Specialized, Results-Oriented Training
    - Experience the energetic, English OK Training Method

  2. Customized Training Materials
    - Ensure your staff learn the English they need in order to perform their jobs

  3. Onsite Workshops
    - Professional trainers consistently deliver top quality workshops at your hotel

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Products & Services

  • Hotel English e-learning
  • Hotel English Workshops
  • F&B English Workshops
  • Customized Books & CDs
  • Staff English Testing
English OK Student Feedback Training

Kansai Area Hotel

    "Easy to understand and easy to remember. I think I can use the phrases I learned right away, so I'll try to use them before I forget them."

Kanto Area Hotel

    "Remembering by speaking. It was easy to study and I learned a lot. I will never forget "My pleasure". It was also fun to use lots of gestures to remember the phrases."