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Profile: English OK Co., Ltd.

Since 2004, English OK has been providing Customer Service English training programs to hotels, restaurants, retail shops and many other service sector businesses.

English OK also operates Japan's Premier English Shop Directory (www.eok.jp), providing shop listings in English for the international community.

Profile of English OK Co., Ltd.


Company Name: English OK Company Limited
Established: 2004 November
Founded: 2004 May
Representative Directors: John Rayner , President
Senior Advisor:

Dave Mori, President
Piku Media Ltd

Advisor: Yasunori Kajiyama
Bank: Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, Meguro Branch
Tokyo Office: 1F 2-9-5 Mita,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3712-7232
Fax: 03-3712-7277
URLs Corporate Site: www.englishok.co.jp
Premier English Shop Directory: www.eok.jp
English OK Co., Ltd.
Tel. 03-3712-7232
Fax 03-3712-7277
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  • Hotel English e-learning
  • Hotel English Workshops
  • F&B English Workshops
  • Customized Books & CDs
  • Staff English Testing
English OK Student Feedback Training

Kansai Area Hotel

    "Easy to understand and easy to remember. I think I can use the phrases I learned right away, so I'll try to use them before I forget them."

Kanto Area Hotel

    "Remembering by speaking. It was easy to study and I learned a lot. I will never forget "My pleasure". It was also fun to use lots of gestures to remember the phrases."